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Three Reasons You Need Equine Insurance

Any equine-loving family knows that a horse is more than just a pet; it’s also a part of the family. Unlike other pets, horses require more work and maintenance to keep them healthy and happy.

Horses are an investment for families and require a great deal of equipment for their wellbeing such as riding gear, tack supplies, trailers, and more. Many owners also support horses who participate in dressage and equestrian events. Those horses, like their riders, are athletes who often need medical treatment for regular maintenance and injuries.

That’s why having equine insurance is a smart decision for horse owners. Here are a few ways equine insurance can help you:

Vet Fees

Taking a horse to the vet can be a costly exercise, and without equine insurance, it can cost you several thousand dollars. Common horse illnesses and injuries, like lameness, can result in pricey treatments, and even worse, the heartbreaking decision of whether or not to put down your horse.

The good news is equine insurance includes vet fee coverage; so you can not only get needed treatment for your horse but also know they will be covered in the future. You can focus on their overall wellbeing instead of costly vet bills.

Peace of Mind

Everyone wants to have peace of mind, and horse ownership is no different. Equine insurance allows owners to focus solely on caring for their horse instead of unavoidable expenses. When insuring your horse, you have the opportunity to create coverage that best reflects your horse’s needs and your financial situation.

Diverse Coverage Options

There are several other forms of coverage which address the concerns which keep owners up at night, like:

  • Permanent Loss of Use: If your horse suffers an injury or illness which would render them unable to participate in their applicable activities this type of insurance covers you.
  • Disposal after Death: This type of insurance helps cover the cost after a horse has died.
  • Saddlery & Tack: This insurance option replaces or repairs damaged, destroyed, or stolen saddlery and tack.

Why you need equine insurance:

Equine Insurance is the standard for responsible horse ownership. It not only protects you from exorbitant veterinary costs, but also removes the need to decide between money and your horse’s wellbeing, and in some cases, life. Most of all, equine insurance provides peace of mind because you know you are covered when something unexpected happens. For more information, please contact our agents at James Allen Insurance.

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