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James Allen Insurance: Trailblazing the Industry with Their Equine Mortality Binding System

Sometimes getting a quote for equine insurance can be an unending maze of paperwork and uncertainty, especially if you’re new to it. James Allen Insurance wants to make the quote process as easy and transparent as possible for all parties involved from seasoned pros to agents in their first few years of insurance. That’s why we provide our partners with simple calculators and online forms to provide clients with quotes and to secure insurance on behalf of clients without the hassles or hoop-jumping (that’s for the horses after all!). Total transparency and ease of use is the James Allen difference when it comes to insuring a home, ranch, and animals.

Simple Steps for Using the Equine Quick Quote Calculator

When serving equine clients, ensuring adequate coverage and pricing is key. This is why we developed a quick three-minute quote calculator to give you an idea of the information you need from clients and what can impact a quote. To use the calculator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Equine Insurance Calculator
  2. Using the dropdowns, select the breed and use.
  3. In DOB, enter the horse’s date of birth.
  4. Next, type in the desired amount of coverage.
  5. Then, using the dropdowns, select the Emergency Colic Coverage Amount, Emergency Surgery Coverage Amount, and the State of residence.
  6. Click “Get Rate” and the calculator will instantly provide you with the premium. It couldn’t be easier!

This premium gives clients a ballpark for what they can expect to pay for equine mortality insurance. As an agent, you can also adjust coverages to find a quote that will fit a client’s budget and give them the maximum coverage they can afford by “playing with the numbers” a bit. The calculator is also a great way to keep client expectations level and grounded.

Purchasing Equine Mortality Insurance Through James Allen Insurance

Now that you’ve gotten a quote and made adjustments with your clients, it’s easy to complete the bind. By following these simple instructions, you can learn what information you need to complete the process, and see just how easy it is. Make sure to have the horse’s veterinary records and purchase receipts handy before beginning the process, which should take less than five minutes to complete. To bind, follow quick and easy these steps:

  1. Go to Equine Insurance Mortality Quote
  2. Enter in all personal information such as name, contact information, desired effective date, colic, and surgery coverage amounts, and if this is new or additional coverage. Note: Be sure to click the button that says, “Are you a registered agent applying for coverage on behalf of the insured” to Yes.
  3. In the Second Tab, you will need to add all of the horse’s applicable details such as name, breed, use, gender, and coverage, as well as other pertinent and very specific information. Note: Be sure to review this information prior to binding to ensure you have all necessary information such as all ownership and purchase information, surgical facility information, coverage history, and horse health information.
  4. In Step 3, you will confirm the information you provided and see the premium.
  5. You will then finalize your quote.
  6. At the close of the quote, you will be directed to pay for the premium or referred to underwriting for additional assistance.

Navigating the waters of Equine Mortality Insurance can be difficult, but with James Allen Insurance as a partner, the waters get much friendlier. With these user-intuitive calculators, James Allen is way ahead of the curve when it comes to coverage. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together for the good of your clients.

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