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Agents Turn to James Allen for Education in Farm and Ranch Insurance

Effectively serving a client’s interest takes knowledge and experience. When an insurance agent is just starting out or is looking to expand into a new industry, it can be difficult to get the education needed to ask prospective clients the right questions and impart the best insurance advice for their unique situation. For agents looking to develop an agricultural clientele, there is an easier way to learn while serving customers: James Allen Insurance.

By partnering with James Allen Insurance, agents can feel certain someone is by their side helping them sort out coverages for all of the many challenges farms and ranches face whether it’s flooding, drought, new government regulations or an unstable global market. Not only are we experts in existing coverages, but James Allen Insurance has also proactively created solutions to answer modern agriculture’s newest problems. There are several reasons to partner with James Allen Insurance, but here are a few of our strongest.

Pioneering Tailor-Made Coverage

In 1995, James Allen created a Farm Pollution Policy but couldn’t find an American insurance company that would cover it. Unwavering, he went to London to get an insurer and did. This was the beginning of James Allen Insurance. When Avian Flu reared its head, James Allen again developed a policy to protect farms and cut through all the red tape to ensure customers would be covered despite the challenges. Never one to sit idle, James Allen Insurance is now the exclusive provider of PRRS and PED Virus coverage, protecting farms from one of the most economically damaging diseases for the pig industry. Basically, there’s no problem that James Allen Insurance won’t find a way to cover.

We Know Farm and Ranch Like the Back of Our Hand

Whether it’s Equine Mortality or Dairy Operations coverage, we know all the right questions to ask. We can walk you through Livestock Mortality so you can help your clients find the most comprehensive, cost-effective coverages or educate you on Farm Workers Compensation to name a few. With over 165 years of combined experience in agricultural insurance, the team at James Allen Insurance is well-versed in the unique needs of farms, ranches, and even wineries. We can help you learn what risks are inherent in each and how to protect customers from more unique circumstances, even if that means creating a policy to address a client’s exceptional agricultural issue.

Family-owned, Experienced, and Always Accessible

James Allen Insurance is the place to build a life-long relationship. With a wide variety of expertise, our team can cover every question and is available when you need them. We take family seriously, and when you partner with us, you’re family. That means you also have access to coverages from our partner, Lloyd’s of London, inarguably the most prestigious specialist insurance market in the world. We also have support programs in 47 states, so we know that farms in California have different needs than those in Indiana. Partnering with James Allen can help you service your clients, and help you get a hands-on education so you can become an expert yourself someday.

Partner with us at James Allen Insurance, a recognized leader in agriculture insurance. We are the winner of the 2018 Agrivision Award for our commitment to shaping agriculture in Indiana with the creation of the PRRS and PED Virus coverage. Be a part of a team that understands the importance of agriculture and takes steps to help American farms, ranches, and wineries get the coverage they need. Contact us today to learn more.

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