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Natural Disaster: Floods

Whether you live in an area that floods frequently or one that has never flooded in your lifetime, you probably know they can be devastating. They’re easy to put out your mind, however, especially if your home sits on a site that rarely floods. But even these areas are vulnerable in cases of extreme weather, which are increasing across the United States.

The first thing any homeowner should do is assess your risk. You likely will know if you’re on a floodplain. However, how far are you from a reservoir or lake? From a river or, more importantly, a confluence of rivers? Sometimes it’s hard to know, as many areas of the country lack updated flood maps.

In addition, do you have a basement? In extreme precipitation events, these can flood even when the roof holds, even in homes that are nowhere near water sources. And much damage can be done before help arrives. Water is insidious, filling every nook and cranny. Without speedy cleanup, mold sets in and ruins even more. Building structure and possessions. Technological systems and data. Keepsakes and memories.

The federal government offers flood insurance to people who live in high-risk flood areas, though additional insurance often is needed to wholly compensate victims for their losses.

Most homeowners policies don’t protect from unforeseen natural disasters such as floods and tornados, though many of us are susceptible to these hazards. James Allen Insurance offers natural disaster insurance to provide clients with a layer of coverage on top of homeowners, renters and condo insurance policies. Learn more about our natural disasters policies today.

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