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Celebrating National Agriculture Day

Every year, the Agriculture Council of America (ACA) announces a week of celebration for all things agriculture. This year, National Agriculture Day will be held on March 22, with both independent and national organizations sponsoring events all week.

National Ag Day has a different theme each year. This year it is, “Growing a Climate for Tomorrow.” Farms, classrooms and communities all across the country will gather to celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture.


What is National Agriculture Day?

National Agriculture Day is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the products of U.S. agriculture and its contributions to our economy. This day encourages fellow Americans to gain a better understanding of how their food and fiber products are being produced. Not only does agriculture play a large role in providing the nation with safe and affordable products, but it also is essential for maintaining a strong and steady economy. According to Agday.org, each American farmer feeds more than 165 people, up from 25 people in the 1960s.


How to Celebrate National Ag Day

Many schools and 4-H clubs celebrate National Ag Week through a series of games and activities at their schools, and the ACA hosts a large-scale celebration in Washington, D.C. The live celebration will take place over two days.

On March 21, the day before the official Ag Day, modern agriculture will be celebrated on the National Mall with a hands-on display of modern equipment and technology. A summit on the 2022 Ag & Food Policy also will be led by Agri-Pulse to discuss policy priorities for the upcoming farm bill in Congress.

The hands-on celebration will continue through March 22 on the Mall, along with a declaration event involving approximately 100 college students, who will “virtually” deliver the message of Ag Day to Congress. For those unable to attend physically, a virtual event will start at 10 a.m. that day.


JAI and National Ag Day

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