Owning a horse is not a cheap hobby. The risks of injury, sickness and accidents are significant and can leave you on the hook for major medical bills.

Our Equine Policy

Our Equine farm and ranch policy can protect small farms from multi-location operations including your dwelling and outbuildings. We can also address liability needs specific to equine operations

We’ll help you find the right policies. Coverage options include the following:

  • Personal horse owners’ liability: Most homeowner’s policies do not cover liability arising out of equine activities. A personal horse owners liability policy will provide the non-commercial horse owner with the liability coverage they need.
  • Equine facility liability: This policy provides liability coverage for professional equestrians involved in activities such as boarding, training, breeding, horse shows and lessons. This coverage can be purchased with, or without, property insurance.
  • Care, custody and control: Care, custody and control coverage provides liability coverage against injury, theft, loss of use, or death of another individual’s horses while in your care.
  • Trainer/instructor liability: This insurance protects the equine professional against liability while in the course of doing business, whether on or off-premises, such as while attending shows, training off-premise, clinics, etc.