It’s something no producer likes to imagine, but it’s essential to protect your most valuable asset — whether it’s a single, specialty animal or an entire herd.

Our Mortality Policy

No animal owner has precisely the same needs, and our agents will tailor coverage to suit your operation.

Our coverage is available in 48 states and policies can be written to include the following:

  • Our policy provides coverage if death occurs as a result of an accident, illness, injury, disease or humane destruction (only to relieve excess suffering with an incurable condition).
  • Coverage limits ranging from $1,000 up to $49,999 (higher limits may be available with prior company authorization).
  • Agreed value at no additional charge can replace the fair market value (with prior company authorization).
  • Additional, specialty requests can be considered when authorized by carrier.
  • Annual and short term policies are available for most types of livestock.
  • Emergency Colic Surgery and Medical-Surgical coverages are available for all equine.

Reach out today to find the coverage that fits your needs.