Wineries & Vineyards

Few industries are as volatile as wineries and vineyards. Though facility owners face many of the same risks as traditional farmers, they require specific coverage to ensure adequate protection against disease, misfortune and mistakes.

Our Wineries & Vineyards Policy

Unlike many other insurance companies, James Allen Insurance will cover the entire winemaking process. From grape production to tasting room operations, a lot can go wrong, and most producers have experienced a significant setback. Our policies will protect you against the perils of both production and management.

Highlights from our winery and vineyard coverage include:

  • Property insurance: covering commercial and farm buildings, replacement cost, dwelling coverage and more.
  • Liability insurance: covering commercial general liability, personal liability, liquor liability and more.
  • Additional coverages: covering systems breakdown, crime, employee benefits, business income and more.

Reach out today to find the coverage that fits your needs.